Which GOP candidate could score a job with Fox News?

Did Fox News chief Roger Ailes tip his hand on which Republican presidential contenders he’d most like to hire?

In an outtake of a recent interview with Adweek — Ailes was named Adweek’s 2015 Media Visionary of the Year as part of their annual Hot List and Fox News Channel was named the Hottest Network — the discussion focused on which of the GOP candidates might be a good fit as political analysts.

“Well, half of them have been,” Ailes joked. “I gotta decide which ones I want to re-hire.”

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As diplomatic as the comment may be, two names appeared to resonate with Ailes, according to Adweek.

The Fox News chairman noted that New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie was not previously a political analyst.

“But he’s good on TV,” Ailes added. “I think he’s gotten a bum rap in this race.”

Ailes then went on and on about the other name that stood out with him — former Hewlett-Packard CEO Carly Fiorina.


“Carly Fiorina has been on the stage with 15 men twice and she’s beat them, twice,” he told Adweek. “That’s pretty good. Her answers are solid. Carly is a formidable woman.”

And Ailes doesn’t believe Fiorina was responsible for the downturn Hewlett-Packard experienced under her direction.

“Did she wreck Hewlett Packard?” he asked. “No. Was she in the middle of all that crap going down? Yes. Did she make mistakes? Probably. I bet she learned a hell of a lot.”

So there you have it, Chris Christie and Carly Fiorina — two faces Fox News viewers could be seeing a lot of more of in the near future.

Tom Tillison


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