Black pastor called ‘PAWN’ for supporting Trump fires back in HEATED debate; not going ‘back on the plantation’

Two black pastors got into a fiery debate over Donald Trump’s meeting with black preachers Monday. Reverend Jamal Bryant, who did not attend the meeting, and Pastor […]

BURIED ALIVE: Newborn found under rubble after citizens heard cries

Deputies found a newborn baby buried alive under rubble after alert citizens called 911 when they heard muffled baby cries along a dry riverbed near Los Angeles. […]

Video: What Obama tells Americans 46 times will make you want to scream

Watch the video below.

Which GOP candidate could score a job with Fox News?

Did Fox News chief Roger Ailes tip his hand on which Republican presidential contenders . . .

Burger King customer had to use his gun to enjoy a Whopper when a man came at him with crowbar

A suspected robber at an Oklahoma Burger King apparently picked on the wrong victim. The alleged robber, armed with a crowbar, approached a man leaving the restaurant […]

Fox News chairman reveals what he really said to Trump: ‘US is at war with every g*ddamn country . . .’

A new interview reveals Fox News Chairman and CEO Roger Ailes gave Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump a tongue lashing . . .

Film is too white: Hollywood hypocrites force ‘Gods of Egypt’ heads to apologize, grovel

“Gods of Egypt” bowed to the gods of political correctness when its producers apologized for making the film “too white.” A fantasy movie about mythical Egyptian gods […]

Cocky Obama keeps getting BUZZED to SHUT UP after he ignored 3 min rule, went for 14 min speech

The French told President Obama something clear thinking Americans have been saying for 7 years. Shut up already! The United Nations requested that speeches be no […]

Mary Katherine Ham gives birth to baby girl, remembers late husband in touching photo announcement

In just over two months since the tragic death of her husband, Fox News contributor Mary Katharine Ham gave birth Saturday to a healthy baby girl. Ham’s […]

BAM! James Woods responds to Obama’s ridiculous ‘fight terror with climate change’ speech

In a rambling Paris speech on Monday, President Barack Obama gave the world a dire warning about climate change. The bloviating went on so long that theorganizers […]

Trump says pastors were likely pressured by BLM members ‘because he believes all lives matter’

Republican presidential contender Donald Trump said that he believes that the group of black clergy he was scheduled to meet with Monday intended to endorse his candidacy […]

Green protesters defile, throw Paris memorials at police

Anti-capitalist, anarchist, and environmental protesters assaulted French police Sunday withshoes, bottles and even candlesstolen off memorials to 158 people killed in the Nov. 13 Paris attacks.

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