NJ neighbors save 97-year-old woman and her beloved antique mustang from raging inferno

Belleville FireA 97-year-old New Jersey woman is lucky to be alive thanks to some quick thinking neighbors.

Flames engulfed the two-story house in a 2-alarm fire in Belleville, NJ on Saturday night and neighbors caught it on video.

Fortunately for the elderly woman who has lived in the home since she was 5-years-old her neighbors, Donna Rizzolo and her husband, were walking by when the fire had just started.

Rizzolo’s husband banged on the door until the woman answered and told her about the fire.

“We know there’s an old lady — we know there’s an elderly woman there,” Rizzolo told ABC 7.

“My husband was banging on the door and she opened it and he said ‘hurry up get out there’s a fire,'” she said. “She got up to go to the fire to see what was going on and I chased her, and I grabbed her, and I carried her out the front door.”

“She came out with nothing,” her neighbor Angel Laterza said. “No shoes, no slippers – nothing. Whatever she had on, Donna Rizzolo carried her out,”

Neighbor John Serrano told ABC 7 that once he knew the woman was safe he saved her antique car.”

“I knew once she was at safety, she drives an old Mustang, and I just wanted to make sure the Mustang was going to be safe, because it’s an antique car, and the lady loves it to death,” he told ABC 7.

The woman is currently staying with neighbors and the two tenants that live upstairs were not home at the time of the blaze, ABC 7 reported.

Watch the report below then check out the raw video of the fire itself.

Carmine Sabia


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