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Grab the tissue! Emotional ad strikes the heart, a powerful reminder of what Christmas should be

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Germany’s largest supermarket corporation has released an emotional ad intended to remind folks what Christmas should be all about.

And, boy, did Edeka ever succeed.

Huffington Post describes the highly moving ad:

It begins with a retiree returning home, with his dog, to a voicemail from his daughter saying she and her children can’t spend Christmas with him.

He sadly ends up spending the big day alone, with only his decorated tree — and presumably his dog, although we don’t see it — for company.


The ad moves forward and the daughter, and other siblings, receive news of their father’s death.

The tearful family is then seen coming together, full of regret, at their father’s address. But thankfully, it doesn’t end there.

Watch the ad and try to avoid the impending lump in your throat:

Tom Tillison


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