Video: What makes captured ISIS terror suspect cry like a baby? Not much, really

He cried like a baby.

Islamic State militants are big tough guys when they commit crucifixions, beheadings and drownings. But they’re not so tough when the odds are stacked against them.

A recently-published video depicts a suspected Islamic State terrorist seated in an armored vehicle wailing like an infant who had pooped his pants after his capture by Kurdish forces.

He’s openly crying despite that he appears in fine shape, doesn’t look like he’s been beaten and there’s certainly no one standing behind him with a knife at the ready to hack off his noggin.

Compare his demeanor to those who the terrorists have beheaded, like American journalist James Foley, or the 21 Coptic Christians who met their fate in Libya.

The clip was originally released in December, according to the Daily Mail, but was re-published on YouTube. The prisoner had reportedly been tasered prior to the video being shot. Being tasered is much preferable to losing one’s head.

Watch the clip below.


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