Texas student continues fight, demands apology from school district for orders to ‘prove the existence of God’

The Texas seventh-grader who was ordered by her teacher last month to deny the existence of God is still sticking up for her beliefs — she demands an apology for the “God is a myth” lecture she was given.

Jordan Wooley appeared on “Fox & Friends Weekend” Saturday and disputed a statement from the Katy Independent School District that the lesson wasn’t intended to challenge one’s religious beliefs.

“My teacher, she told us to prove” the existence of God “and told us to give facts and give evidence,” she told co-host Clayton Morris. “If that’s not questioning, I don’t know what is.”

Wooley previously aired her grievance at a school board meeting. Because of the media attention she received from that appearance, she said she’s been getting a lot of hateful backlash.

“A few people have told me to kill myself, people have called me things I’m not allowed to say, she said.

But through it all she’s “definitely not” backing down. “Until something gets done, I’m not going to stop.”

Watch the clip, via Fox News.

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