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FBI issues warnings over ‘road-trip’ activists telling Americans open carry will protect against terror

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An FBI warning was issued after having lost track of a radical, Phoenix-based protester who preaches an anti-Islamic message.

Activist Jon Ritzheimer posted am expletive-laced video to his Facebook page in which he’s holding a gun while slamming Muslims, President Barack Obama and the Islamic Post, after the New York-based publication ran an article calling him an “American Taliban.”

Shortly after that, the FBI alerted New York law enforcement authorities that he may be headed their way, according to the Arizona Republic.

“The FBI vigorously investigates threats and allegations of hate crimes,” FBI Albany Field Office spokesman Paul Holstein said in a statement, according to the Republic. “After recently becoming aware of a video which could have been perceived as threatening against the Muslim community in Hancock, NY, the FBI immediately took steps to notify our federal, state and local partners.”

Jon Ritzheimer

This is what Ritzheimer said in his video that raised so many alarms.

“What’s up America?” he asked in the video posted on November 18. “Jon Ritz here with my brother Tyler, one of my old high school brother’s here, and we’re driving all the way across America, all the way to New York to go see those a**holes at The Islamic Post who decided to publish a paper calling me — me — a f****** terrorist in this country.”

After blasting Muslims, he took on the president.

“And Obama, you stupid sorry sack of sh*t, you wanna come out and say we’re all afraid of these poor little three-year-old orphans and these widows? F**k you! That’s not what’s coming over here!” he continued.

“And you know what I’m not afraid. I fear for my family’s safety, but I’m not afraid because these guys are f**king cowards and they show time and time again they do not come and attack our targets.”

Then he got to the climax of the clip.

“Well guess what?” he shouted as he chambered a round into his firearm, “We’re f*****g ready for them.”

FBI spokesman Holstein told the Arizona Republic that the FBI and the New York authorities are monitoring and remaining in contact with the Muslim group.

Watch the video rant, via the Daily Mail.

Arizona’s ABC 15 first reported on Ritzheimer’s post, which was deleted from his Facebook page shortly after posting it.

Here’s the report.


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