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Nanny cam catches burglar creeping just feet away from sleeping resident

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A New York homeowner might have thought a home invasion was a bad dream if not for a nanny cam video that captured the incident.

The New York Post reported on this “creepy footage” of the alleged thief, caught on camera, as he crawled in a bedroom of a home in Queens.  Amazingly, the homeowner was sleeping just a few feet away, unaware of what was transpiring.

The burglar reportedly broke into the home in the early morning hours Wednesday, and was seen in the video crawling on his hands and knees with what appeared to be a knife between his teeth.

Reaching for a cell phone on the dresser, the suspect apparently woke the 42-year-old man sleeping in the room. The awakened homeowner was enough to send the burglar running, according to the Post.

The homeowner was not hurt in the attempted robbery, and police are searching for the suspect.

Frieda Powers


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