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Distraught mother of runaway ‘jihadi bride’ says she ‘gave birth to a monster’

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The Russian mother of an ISIS poster girl is distraught over not being able to stop her daughter from joining the Islamic State jihad against Western civilization.

Shakhla Bochkaryova, 41, admits that she gave birth to a “monster.”

Despite her desperate efforts to prevent it, her daughter, Fatime Dzharfarova, traveled to Syria to marry an ISIS fighter, according to the Daily Mail.


Bochkaryova told the Mail she chained her one-time fashion conscious daughter to a radiator in their home to keep her from fleeing to marry an ISIS recruiter, who begged Dzharfarova , 20, to become his fourth wife.

An effort that proved fruitless, as she managed to join the jihadis.

Dzharfarova took to social media recently to laud her “brothers” for the terrorist attack on Paris and for the downing of the Russian jetliner over Sinai, the Mail reported.


And her mother is apprehensive about what else her daughter may do.

“I will simply be beside myself if she takes someone else’s life,” Bochkaryova said.

“It’s better not to live than to be the mother of a terrorist,” she added. “You realize what a monster you gave birth to.”

A reality that Bochkaryova is willing to face.

“It is hard for any mother. Of course, no mother will admit that her child is a monster,” she said. “But if you’re honest, yes, we gave birth to these monsters.”


Bochkaryova, a non-practicing Muslim, said she doesn’t expect to see her daughter alive again.

“If she lives with a recruiter, she already knows too much,” she said. “They wouldn’t let her leave alive. A bullet, that’s the price of her life. As painful as it is, I know I will never see her again.”

Two Austrian teenagers — previous ISIS poster girls — who traveled to Syria to be jihadi brides, have both been reportedly killed. One was believed to have been killed in a December 2014 air strike and the other was said to have been beaten to death recently for trying to flee ISIS.

Tom Tillison


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