Dem rep vows to file ‘beautiful lawsuit’ against Cruz should he win presidency; claims not eligible

  Florida Congressman Alan Grayson, who’s running for the Democratic primary for the Senate seat being vacated by Sen. Marco Rubio, said earlier this week that if […]

Florida mom opens heart and home; makes Thanksgiving feast for Marines away from their homes

A Florida mom opened her home and her heart to local U.S. Marines Thursday, welcoming than a dozen men and womenand serving them a home-coed Thanksgiving […]

German police chief warns ISIS among refugees; Senate Dems likely to filibuster stricter vetting anyway

A German chief of police is saying what opponents of President Obama’s plan to accept Syrian refugees have been saying all along: among the numbers of Europe’s […]

Distraught mother of runaway ‘jihadi bride’ says she ‘gave birth to a monster’

The Russian mother of an ISIS poster girl is distraught over not being able to stop her daughter from joining the Islamic State jihad against Western civilization. […]

Nanny cam catches burglar creeping just feet away from sleeping resident

A New York homeowner might have thought ahome invasion was a bad dream if not for a nanny cam video that captured the incident. The New York […]

Things get UGLY outside refugee camp where citizens leave migrants ‘gifts’ they WON’T like

People in the Netherlands stated loud and clear what they thought of the immigration of Syrian refugees — mostly Muslim — into their homeland by leaving 14 […]

Unafraid! Amid heightened security, Americans turn out in ‘huge’ numbers for Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade

Less than two weeks after the deadly terrorist attack in Paris, than 3 million spectators turned out for Macy’s annual Thanksgiving Day Parade in New York City. […]

Putin points finger at Obama for downed Russian military plane; Americans starting to ask if he’s right

Russian President Vladimir Putin blamed President Barack Obama for the loss of its military aircraft Tuesday when Turkish fighter jets shot it down — and he may […]

Black Friday INSANITY begins across country: Crazed woman cries VICTIM after grabbing item from CHILD

Another Black Friday has dawned upon America and the shopping extravaganza wouldn’t be complete without the requisite videos depicting the insanity of those out for a good […]

Sheriff defends politically incorrect welcome sign; if it’s offensive ‘maybe they’re in the wrong country!’

Despite the left dismissing his efforts as “divisive,” aGeorgia county sheriff has taken a stance against political correctness in a very public way. Harris County Sheriff Mike […]

Trump denies mocking disabled reporter, demands apology; ‘I have no idea what he looks like’

Anxiously awaiting the moment Republican presidential front-runner Donald Trump takes himself out, five months and running now, the real estate tycoon’s critics thought they had their moment […]

Obama accuses Syria of secretly buying oil from ISIS

The Obama administration is accusing Syrian President Bashar Assad’s government of covertly buying oil from Islamic State …