What’s better than a surprise visit from a soldier to his mom for Thanksgiving?

Brandon Smith
Photo: video screenshot from KFOR

A nurse and mother of a U.S serviceman got the surprise of a lifetime in the emergency room of the Oklahoma City hospital in which she works.

Brandon Smith, scheduled to be home to visit his family for 17 days before returning to duty, conspired with his father to surprise his mother Tammy at work Friday night, KFOR reported.

“She was talking about Skyping for Thanksgiving and all that. She said she was getting used to it, but she’s very strong,” co-worker Melanie-Lee Silvay told KFOR, adding that Smith had been helping her cope with the fact that her own two sons are about to be deployed.

The soldier and the nurses at the hospital disguised the surprise as a training exercise, as Smith was wheeled in on a stretcher from an ambulance to the emergency room at Alliance Health.

Smith’s mother was at a computer doing the check-in as the “victim” rattled off his name and birthday.

As she commented about the coincidence of the “victim” sharing her son’s name and date of birth, Smith came up behind his mother and surprised her with a hug.

She cried as staff in the room applauded the emotional moment. As she held her son tight, she called it “the best gift I could ever get.”

Watch the emotional video below.

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