Obama’s media excuses him from ‘ridiculous’ American tradition of pardoning a turkey; it’s beneath him?

Some in the media seem to feel the “goofy” Thanksgiving tradition of pardoning White House turkeys is beneath their hero, President Barack Obama.

Pointing out that the “Messiah,” as Barbara Walters once described Obama, was meant for “shouldering grave responsibilities and making impossible decisions,” the Huffington Post said the president “hates every minute of it.”

Obama did say last year he was slightly “puzzled” about the tradition’s endurance.

The Huffington Post produced a video of Obama’s previous efforts at granting presidential clemency to birds, and reminded America that Malia and Sasha “don’t seem too thrilled” about the practice either.

Obama is then absolved from ever having to perform the “ridiculous tradition” again — a convenient act, considering this Thanksgiving will be his last as chief executive.

Never mind that the act “signals the unofficial beginning of the holiday season and providing President Obama and the nation an opportunity to reflect publicly on the meaning of Thanksgiving and the many blessings on this nation throughout history,” as National Turkey Federation spokesman Keith Williams explained to The Hill.

Then again, Obama will never be mistaken for a traditionalist American.

Tom Tillison


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