No truce on holidays: SNL uses bigoted conservative family member and Adele to get Thanksgiving laugh

Now that Thanksgiving is here, expect advice from liberal America on how to prevent a family’s holiday dinner from going downhill due to intolerable conservative family members sharing politically incorrect opinions at the table.

Right on cue, a sketch from “Saturday Night Live” came up with the perfect solution to such awkward moments — Adele!

The drama began as family members sitting around the Thanksgiving table offered reasons why they were thankful, an exercise that took a sudden turn for the worse when an overtly conservative aunt, played by Aidy Bryant, weighed in.

“I am thankful that our governor is not going to let those refugees in here,” the character said.

The patriarch of the family, played by Matthew McConaughey, commented that “the refugees are all ISIS in disguise.”

“I actually saw an ISIS in the A&P today when I was picking up the yams!” the dimwitted aunt chimed in.

And so it went, as the bigoted aunt continued to say inappropriate things — in each case, an enlightened liberal family member stepping in to set her straight.

But as the bickering reached a crescendo, the youngest member of the family got up from the table and launched into Adele’s hit song, “Hello,” from a small boombox. As if it were magic, the arguing came to an immediate halt and the entire family began to lip-sync along to the popular song.

A scenario that played out again and again in the skit — because of those dastardly conservative family members..

Tom Tillison


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