Fox News’ Clayton Morris becomes emotional while getting on-air reading from a certified psychic

Fox News host Clayton Morris received a psychic reading on the air that had him on the verge of tears.

Morris was read by Laura Lynne Jackson, one of 19 certified psychics in the United States, on Fox & Friends Weekend on Sunday.


Jackson told Morris his grandmother was telling him to “have the third child,” which the host suggested was accurate by his expression.

Jackson even correctly nailed the ages of Morris’ children.

The most emotional part of the reading came when Jackson brought up Morris’ college friend, whom he spoke about on the air when he died of brain cancer two years prior.

“Here’s what he wants me to tell you. By you doing that you helped so many more people than you know,” Jackson told a tear filled Morris. “And he’s thanking you too because money was raised for brain cancer – because you did that.”

Watch the emotional video below.

Carmine Sabia


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