Brave Muslim woman’s VIRAL video boldly reveals truth; ISIS are ‘perfect Muslims’ according to Quran

A woman, who grew up as a Muslim in the Middle East, spelled out what jihad is really about in a video that has now gone viral. […]

Desperate Dem Grayson offers to prank call your GOP relatives for money on Thanksgiving

Florida Rep. Alan Grayson wants to ruin your Republican relatives’ Thanksgiving, but, like with all good Democrats – you’ll have to pay him first. That’s right, Grayson […]

No truce on holidays: SNL uses bigoted conservative family member and Adele to get Thanksgiving laugh

Now that Thanksgiving is here, expect advice from liberal America on how to prevent afamily’s holiday dinner from going downhill due to intolerable conservative family members sharing […]

Obama’s media excuses him from ‘ridiculous’ American tradition of pardoning a turkey; it’s beneath him?

Some in the media seem to feel the “goofy” Thanksgiving tradition of pardoning White Houseturkeys is beneath their hero, President Barack Obama. Pointing out that the “Messiah,” […]

What US leadership used to look like: Remembering George W. Bush’s 2003 surprise Thanksgiving visit to troops

  Believe it or not, there was a time – not so long ago – when U.S. Presidents beamed with patriotism and appreciation for America’s military. Love […]

Teen who led Walmart mob stampede avoids jail by enlisting in the Army

A Georgia teenager is thankful that he’s spending Thanksgiving at home awaiting U.S. Army basic training instead of eating turkey in a jail cell. Vashaun Chandler Rozier, […]

Hillary discloses little known fact about herself; Twitter has a field day

A CNN reporter covering Hillary Clinton’s campaign caught the Democratic presidential hopeful offering something very personal about herself . . .

What’s better than a surprise visit from a soldier to his mom for Thanksgiving?

A nurse and mother of a U.S serviceman got the surprise of a lifetime in the emergency room of the Oklahoma City hospital in which she works. […]

Government urges Thanksgiving travelers to be vigilant

Americans traveling to be with their families for Thanksgiving will face intense security checks and longer s withthe State Department’s global travelers warning. “It worries everybody, […]

Woman gets chance to share Thanksgiving with her brother … who died 3 years ago

Rebekah Brown will feel close to her brother, Joshua Aversano, this Thanksgiving season for the first time since 2012, when he was struck and killed by a […]

NFL star celebrates Thanksgiving entertaining 900 needy children, hosting a ‘dab’ competition

Carolina Panthers’ star quarterback Cam Newton fed and entertained about 900 underprivileged, Charlotte area children at his annual Thanksgiving Jam,Monday night. Newton has been criticized for his […]

Watters’ World Thanksgiving edition: Watch Jesse bond with your fellow Americans

Jesse Watters quizzed people about the history of Thanksgiving on Fox’s “Watters’ World” this week, and the results were surprising. “Who ate together at the first Thanksgiving?” […]