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Trump has some fun with look-alike: His ‘wife fantasizes that he’s the real Donald Trump’

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A crowd of Donald Trump supporters were seeing double Tuesday.

At a campaign stop in South Carolina the Republican presidential front-runner spotted a man wearing a look-alike costume.

Trump instructed security to get the man and bring him on stage with Trump’s family.

I’ll tell you what, this is what I call a real supporter,” he said as he brought Terri Silliman on stage.

Silliman brought a copy of Trump’s book “Crippled America,” which he happily signed before he asked him if he was married.

He said yes and pointed out his wife to Trump in the crowd.

“Are you happy with your husband?” Trump asked the woman who replied affirmatively.

“She fantasizes that he’s really the real Donald Trump,” Trump said.

Trump said he spotted Silliman standing out among the “thousands and thousands” of people in attendance.

“I see this big, beautiful head of hair, boy is that a fake head of hair!”

Watch the interaction below.

Carmine Sabia


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