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He’s only a kid? Fed-up lib shares shocking photo tweet about ‘Clock Boy,’ makes conservatives cheer

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Writer and scientist Richard Dawkins, a fierce critic of Ahmed Mohamed, aka Clock Boy, took to social media on Tuesday to liken the “kid” to Islamic State extremists.

Ahmed was in the news again this week when an attorney representing the family announced they are demanding $15 million from city and school officials in Irving, Texas.  Oh, and an all-important apology from the mayor and police chief.

The family threatens to file a civil suit if their demands are not met.

Linking to an article of an ISIS child soldier beheading a man, Dawkins included the caption: “‘But he’s only a kid.’ Yes, a ‘kid’ old enough to sue for $15M those whom he hoaxed.”

“And how old is this ‘kid?'” he then asked of the child soldier seen holding a knife to a man’s throat.


Of course, supporters of Ahmed were quick to pounce on Dawkins, accusing him of Islamophobia. The scientist responded by saying he’s “fed up” with people saying Clock Boy is only a kid, “as though that means he can’t be criticized.”

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Here’s a sampling of responses from Twitter of Dawkins explaining his comments, and of supporters who get what Dawkins is trying to say:

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