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Egg on face, Al? Cab driver Roker called ‘racist’ against blacks wasn’t even white

Mahabur Rahman
Photo credit the New York Daily News.

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Al Roker went ballistic after he believed a cab driver snubbed him in favor of a white passenger.

The famous weatherman said this type of thing “happens to folks of color everyday.”

Unfortunately for Roker when one jumps to conclusions one risks being left with egg on his face.

As it turned out Roker’s “racist” cabbie is a man of color.

Roker automatically assumed he was passed by because of his race but cab driver Mahabur Rahman called it a “misunderstanding.”

“I tell you honestly, I didn’t see him,” Rahman, who is from Bangladesh told the New York Daily News Monday. “Black, white, it doesn’t matter.”

“Maybe he saw me and I didn’t see him. How I refuse him?” he asked rhetorically.

Rahman said he would have definitely picked up Roker if he saw him.

“Anybody would pick him. He looks like a gentleman. That’s our business. If you ride with my car, you’re going to make the money,” he told the News.

Rahman is faced with heavy fines and a possible 30-day suspension for a second service-refusal in the past two years.

He paid a $250 fine in May for a similar charge according to the city Taxi & Limousine Commission, the News reported.

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