Devastating new RNC ad tops off DNC trouncing, GOP outraised Dems 2-to-1

In a devastating sign that the Republican message on fighting Islamic terror resonates with Americans, while the Democratic Party’s shrill rhetoric falls flat, the GOP outraised the Democrats 2-to-1 in October.

With ads like this one that accurately and effectively expose President Obama and Hillary Clinton’s seeming hypocrisy and willful disregard of facts, Republicans are trouncing the Democratic National Committee’s tone-deaf and stupid attempts to present their own case.

With 92 percent of voters agreeing with the GOP position (an entirely reasonable conclusion) that America is at war with radical Islamic terror, the Democrats are losing their grip, and their ability to raise funds.

According to Federal Election Commission filings, the DNC raised about $4.5 million in October, while the Republican National Committee brought in a stunning $8.7 million.

The DNC burned cash faster that it could raise it—by about $1 million, spending nearly $5.3 million.  The GOP spent $7.7 million, ending the month with almost $1 million more in their coffers.

This election cycle, the RNC has raised about $38 million more than its Democratic counterpart—73 percent more.  That fact should make it fairly obvious which party has the ear of American voters.

Steve Berman


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