Condo board wants pet DNA to track down poopers

Residents in one Florida condominium community have been asked to be responsible pet owners or submit to DNA tests of their pooches.

Pet owners at Destin’s Harbor Landing received a letter last week from the condo’s homeowners association asking that their pets be registered and DNA-tested in an effort to eliminate pet waste in public areas, according to the Panama City News Herald.

Residents were not happy with the letter, or the plan, seeing it as an invasion of privacy.

“This just rubs the dog owners the wrong way,” a Harbor Landing resident said. “It feels invasive, over-reaching, and was enacted by a board who last month tried to outlaw smoking on your own private deck.”

Condo officials, however, maintain that the move is only meant to keep the community clean.

Citing an increase in the amount of pet waste, including in the elevators, the letter stated, “We are not sure why the pet owners have not done the responsible thing and cleaned up after their pets.”

Though the association says the process is voluntary, pet owners would be responsible for paying the registration and testing fees and a cleanup fine if pet waste is left behind.

Residents, afraid to give their identities to avoid trouble with association officials, disagreed with the policy and did not see how it would even work, according to the Herald.

“I don’t see how they can do it and do it right, because we have a lot of visitors here and they bring dogs,” said one resident.

“The majority of the board members do not live here,” said another resident. “They visit randomly, as this is a second home for them.”

“As owners, they can vote and make rules, but this DNA tracking of the pets at the pet owner’s expense seems and feels over the top.”


Frieda Powers


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