Ahmed ‘Clock Boy’ Mohamed is suing the government for HOW MUCH? . . . this should be fun

SOURCE: Dallas Morning News

Ahmed ‘Clock Boy’ Mohamed hired himself a lawyer and is demanding $10 million from the city of Irving, together with letters of apology from the mayor and chief of police. This is in addition to a demand for another $5 million from the Irving ISD.

Didn’t he say he was disgusted with America and was moving to Qatar? Maybe he needs traveling expenses.

The nine-page letter lists the grievances that were allegedly bestowed upon young Mohamed by the city, which then “sought to cover its mistakes with a media campaign that further alienated the child at the center of this maelstrom” the letter states, according to The Dallas Morning News.

The Morning News reported:

While the boy—who became an instant célèbre after news of his arrest went viral—appeared thrilled in TV appearances around the world, his family says the attention actually turned their lives upside down, eventually driving them out of the country after a conspiracy theory-fueled backlash labeled Ahmed a terrorist in training.


Several months ago, Media Research Center’s Dan Joseph showed students at George Mason University a photograph of Mohamed’s “clock” and asked them what it was.

With just one exception (someone who said it looked like a lie detector), they thought it was a bomb — the same conclusion a teacher at Mohamed’s school reached when he contacted authorities.

Within days after the incident, a legal counsel for the city sent an email advising that they should expect a lawsuit.

Here’s the full letter sent to the city, demanding $10 million and apologies from from Mayor Beth Van Duyne and Police Chief Larry Boyd.

2015.11.23 City of Irving Demand Letter

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