Woman’s warning to ISIS goes viral: Our weak leader can’t protect you anymore, Americans WILL get you!

A new viral video circulating around the Internet has a strong warning for the Islamic State.

Pay no attention to our leaders, the American people will get you.

In the video, uploaded to Facebook Thursday and viewed more than 6 million times, the woman, Emily Longworth, blasts ISIS for its brutality and America’s leaders for their failure to stop the terrorist regime.

“They have sat idly by twiddling their thumbs and tightening the chains around the necks of my countrymen when they snarl at the taste of Islamic blood,” she said. “They have coddled our enemies and nurtured their foundation all while telling my people to stand down and remain silent.”

Longworth advised ISIS to not take comfort in the weakness of Obama who she said “no longer possess the ability to speak on behalf of the American people.”

“He has turned his back on us and as a result we have turned our fronts to you,” she said.

“I implore you to reconsider your next move though because once you activate on American soil you will be coming head to head and toe to toe with the beast that will redefine your definition of judgement day and the last thing you will see before your 72 virgins is the face of an American that validated your one-way ticket to the show.”

Watch her entire rant below.


Dear ISIL; this message is for you. Game on.

Posted by Emily Longworth on Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Carmine Sabia


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