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Trump approves surveillance of ‘certain mosques’ and says ‘we’re going to hell’ because of PC wusses

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Republican presidential front-runner Donald Trump said Saturday that he would approve the surveillance of “certain mosques” if elected president, knowing full well that the media will make a “big deal” out of that statement.

On the heels of a media feeding frenzy over his reply to a reporter’s question about the possibility of setting up databases of Muslim Americans, Trump made his surveillance statement to a crowd of supporters in Birmingham, Alabama.

“I want surveillance of certain mosques, OK?” he said.

Before making this statement, he predicted that media would make “a big deal” over it, “because he said something so politically incorrect.”

He added, “That’s why we’re going to hell because we’re so politically correct.”

He also took on the idea of Syrian refugees, calling them a “Trojan horse,” and said that any such refugees that come in on Obama’s watch will be returned.

“They’re going back,” he said. “We can’t have them.”

Watch this clip of highlights from the speech via the Daily Mail.

As for the media making “a big deal” over his statement, he was spot on, as this report from CNN indicates.

A lot of folks agreed.

Some people thought he should go further.

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