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Palin joins backlash over sickening ‘Scandal’ episode that has Olivia getting abortion to ‘Silent Night’ music

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Has prime-time television finally gone too far?

Bristol Palin seems to think so, based on an article she linked to Saturday on social media that ripped ABC’s “Scandal” over the season finale that depicted a key character in the show getting an abortion.

While Silent Night plays in the background!

A story line that came out of left field, as viewers are not made aware that Olivia Pope, played by Kerry Washington, is pregnant, according to the Washington Post.

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Olivia suddenly shows up at a medical office and is then seen lying on an operating table as the doctor begins the process of terminating her pregnancy, i.e., killing her baby.

All the while, “Silent Night,” the beloved Christmas carol that celebrates the birth of Jesus Christ, plays in the background.

And if that’s not enough of a slight against traditional Americans, a voice-over of the character’s father is heard delivering a speech that rings of President Obama saying he doesn’t want his daughters “punished with a baby” because of a mistake:

“Family is a burden … a pressure point, soft tissue, an illness, an antidote to greatness. You think you’re better off with people who rely on you, depend on you, but you’re wrong, because you will inevitably end up needing them, which makes you weak, pliable. Family doesn’t complete you. It destroys you.”


The article Palin linked to is from family friend Nancy French, who tagged the left’s reaction to the show as “sickening.”

The episode focused on a Republican character filibustering in an effort to block funding for Planned Parenthood.

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Noting that producer Shonda Rhimes is no stranger to advancing progressive politics on the show, and makes little effort to mask it of late, French said the message behind the disgusting episode is “crystal clear.”

“Shonda Rhimes and the cast of Scandal have made one thing crystal clear – they stand with Planned Parenthood instead of the millions of babies they’ve murdered,” she wrote.

French did applaud the show’s writers for getting the real purpose of Planned Parenthood right.

“They did show that Planned Parenthood exists to provide really only one thing at the end of the day in practice – abortion on-demand,” the author opined. “Olivia Pope sought an abortion not because of tough life circumstances or because she was the victim of an assault, but seemingly because the baby would get in the way of the life she wanted.”

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