Black Lives Matter rant calls for shooting: ‘Peace is killing us . . . ain’t bringing bible to a gunfight!’

Saying he’s tired of waking up every morning and “watching my people being murdered,” a black man is calling on likely supporters of the increasingly violent Black Lives Matter movement to take up arms in defense of racism.

The unidentified man unleashed a nearly four-minute rant in a video seen on LiveLeak claiming peace and prayer do not work, that “peace is killing us.”

“How many more protests are you going to do?” he asked. “How many more miles of marching are you going to walk? How many more bodies have got to drop before you stop turning the other cheek?”

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He spouts an obscure stat that “400 people of color have been murdered this year and we’re only six months into the year” — which suggests the video is from early summer, or that the man struggles with reading calendars.

“Do I look like a fool? … I ain’t bringing a bible to a gunfight!” he said. “We’re getting killed for no reason.”

And he repeated an ominous warning again and again, under the guise of self defense — “If you shoot us, we will shoot back.”

Tom Tillison


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