Al Roker files complaint against ‘ignorant, racist’ NYC cabbie who he says snubbed him for being black

Veteran NBC “Today Show” weatherman and co-anchor Al Roker filed a complaint Saturday after a cab ignored him and picked up a white man a block away instead. He also threw in a plug for Uber in the process.

He was taking his son Nicholas, 13, to a doctor’s appointment when the Yellow Cab driver allegedly snubbed him.

Roker tweeted:

He went on to describe the driver as “ignorant” and “racist,” and described such occurrences as commonplace for non-whites.

The truly heartbreaking thing for Roker was that he wasn’t alone — he didn’t want his son to bear witness to it. He also would have rather avoided his son’s questioning about the incident.

He said that although the vast majority of cabbies aren’t like this, the few rotten apples make it bad for the rest.

Democratic presidential candidates Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders have both been highly critical of ride-sharing companies such as Uber. Not so of Roker, apparently.

Here’s a clip of Roker at work, being assisted by his son Nicholas.


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