Judge Judy blows up, laying into mouthy Confederate flag vandalizers: ‘You three are a bunch of morons’

Jesse Huggins Truck
Photo credit Jesse Huggins.

An angry Judge Judy tore into three miscreants who vandalized a man’s confederate flag.

The plaintiff, Jesse Huggins, said he was at a party when he received a phone call telling him his truck and flag were vandalized outside.

When he reached the truck he found the flag, defaced, on the hood with a large scratch on the vehicle’s tailgate.

The teenage defendants, Nicholas Nolan, Christopher Easley and Bailey Forsten, claimed to have found the flag on the ground before they drove around with it, urinated on it and returned it to the scene.

Judy didn’t buy the story as the disrespectful defendants acted foolishly, laughing and avoiding her questions, throughout the hearing.

She awarded Huggins the $2,500 in damages he was seeking as she admonished the defendants.

“You three are a bunch of morons,” Sheindlin told the defendants. “You don’t vandalize someone else’s property because you don’t like what it says. That’s not America.

“You may disagree with the statement but the response to that is not to vandalize somebody else’s property.”

After the hearing Forsten admitted that the trio lied in court and did rip the flag off of Huggins car which caused the damage.

“To be honest I’m the savage that did it,” Forsten said.

“We ripped off the flag actually,” he continued. “A lot of people were saying that he was racist [so] he kind of deserved it.”

Watch Judge Judy lace into the defendants below.

Social media smashed the three vandals as well.









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