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Adele goes undercover as Adele impersonator, pranks actual Adele impersonators

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British songstress, Adele, went undercover recently, showing off impressive acting skills as she pulled a prank on unsuspecting Adele impersonators.

Teaming up with BBC’s Graham Norton, the singer transformed into “Jenny,” a nanny/Adele impersonator, by adjusting her accent, wearing gloves to cover her tattoos and even adding a fake nose and chin.

Making small talk during the audition, impersonators were unaware of “Jenny’s” real identity, which Adele covered with snide comments about herself. She even went so far as to feign feeling sick from nerves.

Photo: BBC

Of course, when the singer’s turn came, it was only moments before her voice gave away the charade.


Reactions were priceless, ranging from shock, to tears to one woman who was “gobsmacked.”


Frieda Powers


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