SWAT teams on city streets puts Chicago on edge; false alarms or something more?

Fear swept Chicago as two men claiming to be with the Islamic State group evaded the police.

SWAT teams and uniformed police swarmed Rush Street, Wednesday, after two bearded men in a white van with temporary license plates shouted out the window that they were with the terror group, CBS Chicago reported.

Despite the fact that police never found the suspects who sped away, they are saying it was a prank.

“It’s something common sense would tell you you can’t and shouldn’t do,” CBS Chicago security consultant, Ross Rice, said.

“You can’t make false threats. You can’t claim there’s a bomb on a plane. You can’t go up and down the street yelling you’re ISIS. It just doesn’t work,” he said.

On Thursday, SWAT teams descended on a Chicago train station after reports of a person of “Middle Eastern descent who kept looking around suspiciously,” CBS Chicago reported.

Police said those reports were unfounded.

Are these all false alarms, or are the Chicago police missing something important?

Carmine Sabia


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