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Middle-school students asked to draw terrorist propaganda poster: Uncle ISIS wants you?

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ISIS-Marching-TroopsA Utah middle school teacher was the target of backlash from parents over a homework assignment — to design a propaganda poster for a terrorist organization such as the Islamic State group.

It was supposed to help students understand the goals and methods of terrorist organizations, and how propaganda can be wrong, according to the local CBS affiliate KUTV Channel 2 News.

About 60 ninth grade students were given the assignment by a first year teacher at Salem Junior High School, but it was nipped in the bud after several parents began voicing complaints.

“We’re grateful when parents have a concern, that they will call the school and let the principal know immediately,” said Lana Hiskey, a spokeswoman for Salem Junior High School. “There were just over 60 students involved in this assignment and we’ve had four phone calls or communication with parents that had concerns.”

The assignment’s front page details “eight reasons why young Muslims join ISIS.” On the reverse side, students were asked to design a “terrorism propaganda poster.”


“She was just very enthusiastic and wanted students to understand that propaganda is not good,” said Hiskey, who admitted it was a first-year teacher and the assignment had not been approved.

One parent, who didn’t wish to be identified, told the station that he was concerned that his 14-year-old son could find himself on a terror watch list after having researched groups like the Islamic State on the Internet.

“We don’t want students going on the Internet and looking up terrorist things,” said Hiskey. “This was a classroom project and it’s been withdrawn and she’s talked to the students and let them know that was not the intent.”

Watch the report, via KUTV 2 News.


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