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French Muslim’s viral rant: “It’s up to us to track these sons of b*****s down”

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A French Muslim launched a fiery tirade on jihadis calling all Muslims to rid their religion of this evil.

The man, who goes by the online name of Chronic 2 Bass, called on fellow Muslims to hunt the jihadis down in mosques and, if they hear anything suspicious, to inform authorities, even if they have to physically take action themselves.

“It is not the authorities who will clean this up,” he said. We must do it. We, the Muslims who go to the mosque.”

He said Muslims who report other Muslims should not consider themselves a snitch because they might be saving their own lives from a terrorist bombing as well.

“It’s up to us to not stay blind, deaf and dumb,” he said. “Let’s tackle this head on! The solution will come from us.”

Watch the entire video below.


Carmine Sabia


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