Backlash, SUSPENSION, apologies, all from CNN reporter’s biased tweet on House refugee bill

Immediately after the U.S. House of Representatives passed a bill to limit Syrian and Iraqi refugees into the United States until they satisfied security checks, a CNN reporter tweeted her disgust, saying that the Statue of Liberty had bowed her head “in anguish.”

After social media called out CNN global affairs correspondent Elise Labott for editorializing, she was suspended. It was only after backlash and suspension that Labott apologized for the biased tweet.

Forty-seven Democrats joined 242 Republicans to easily pass the proposal that will limit Syrian and Iraqi refugees until U.S. security agencies certify that they pose no threat to national security.

Labott reported on the vote with this:

Her tweet went viral, garnering over 3,500 Likes, and 2,400 retweets. It also picked up a lot of replies — not all of them complimentary. Here’s a sampling:

In addition to pointing out the bias her tweet demonstrated, many others on social media made references such as this:

When Labott’s editors got wind of the tweet, they suspended her for two weeks.

Only after Labott was suspended did she feel it necessary to make an apology.

Too little, too late, usually equates to too insincere.


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