Paris café surveillance: First video of gunman shows one survivor is luckiest woman alive as others run, duck

For the first time exclusive footage of the horrific terrorist attack on a Paris café has been released, showing the extraordinary bravery of workers, patrons, and the incredible moment that saved one woman’s life.

Footage begins as a normal night while staff and diners mingled. It was unseasonably mild, and most customers were dining al fresco to take in the evening air.

The footage obtained by the Daily Mail shows waitress Jasmine and barman Samir chatting as they worked, having no way to know how their lives were about to change.

pic 1

Seconds later a hail of bullets flooded the café by a crazed terrorist who nonchalantly walked to the front of the café and opened fire through the windows.

pic 2


Jasmine ducked behind the bar, as Samir bolted to a nearby staircase. Diners crouched underneath the tables.

pic 3


An injured woman who was shot through the wrist rushed inside and made her way behind the bar. Jasmine was later seen inspecting the woman’s wound and holding her to offer a semblance of comfort.



Here, the cowardly terrorist armed with an AK-47 aimed his gun point blank at a diners head. She managed to escape within inches of her life as the gun momentarily jamed.


pic 5


woman escapes


When the coast seemed clear, several people ran for cover and headed toward the stairs, while others, including Samir, emerged with their phones and appeared to assess the damage.

The video provides an inside look at the compassion, and quick thinking of so many innocent victims. It also provides a bird’s-eye view to the cowardice evil of terrorists who inflict horrific carnage on unsuspecting, fun-loving people with no way to protect themselves.

And contrary to what many college students so badly want to believe, the video also sadly proves, in today’s world, there are no safe spaces.


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