On their way to US: Five Syrians with forged passports intercepted at airport

Photo source: Screen grab, Reuters.

Tracking Syrian refugees is going to take a global effort if Tuesday’s detainment of five Syrian nationals traveling on forged Greek passports is an indication.

Honduran authorities intercepted five Syrians who had replaced photos of themselves on presumably stolen Greek passports. Local police said the Syrians were heading toward Guatemala, on their way to the United States, Reuters reported.

A sixth Syrian with a doctored Greek passport was also caught trying to enter the country via El Salvador over the weekend and was sent back.

The report indicates the incidents are part of a growing problem. Three men with fake Greek passports were arrested in the former Dutch Caribbean colony of St Maarten over the weekend, according to Reuters.

Police said the five U.S. bound Syrians appear to have no ties to last Friday’s French terror attack that killed at least 129 people, and injured hundreds more. It’s been widely reported that at least one of the terrorists entered Europe as a Syrian refugee.


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