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NRA’s new season of ‘I Am Forever’ tackles the American dream . . . ‘If You Can Keep It’

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nra-girlsWe’re at a critical time in our nation’s history where we’re in danger of losing the republic America’s founding fathers bequeathed us, and with it, the ability to attain the American dream.

That’s the premise of the latest video from the National Rifle Association.

“This is the story of the American dream, told by a man who’s lived it, those who fear for it, and three women on a journey to rediscover it,” the video starts.


It follows the struggles of three women who push themselves to get back to the basics, by learning hiking skills, wilderness navigation and survival in the wild.

And developing one’s shooting skills is also demonstrated, after all, as the narrator says, “the ultimate symbol of American self-sufficiency and personal responsibility is the firearm.”


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