‘Guns , guns, guns!’ Armed citizenry the answer to terrorism, says Gutfeld

greg-gutfeldGreg Gutfeld , co-host on “The Five,” said Wednesday that Americans exercising their Second Amendment right to keep and bear arms was the answer to terror attacks like what occurred in Paris last week.

“If we can’t protect everyone, then it’s up to us to protect ourselves. One solution?” Gutfeld asked. “Guns, guns, guns.”

He said that by arming ourselves we turn soft targets into hard targets. He added that in addition to hardening targets, we must harden our memories.

“We need a reenactment of heroism to teach the young its value.” Gutfeld suggested. “A Flight 93 day, where kids replay a key moment in history when citizens did what the government couldn’t do, saving countless lives while they lost theirs.”

Soft memories leads to an amnesia of the things that matter, he said.

“After Paris, the Twitter trends were already MTV stars and Charlie Sheen. It’s a sickness we have, this instant amnesia. And its up to us to destroy it before it destroys us.”

Co-host Eric Bolling agreed, and recounted that someone had asked him why we only have two choices in the face of terror — we can either run or die.

“No, no,” he told the person. “We have a third choice, to exercise your Second Amendment right. Arm yourself and protect yourself.”

Watch the clip, via Fox News.


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