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FBI counterterrorism expert warns Americans: ‘Don’t wait for Uncle Sam to protect you’

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kelly fileAmericans should be extra grateful to have the Second Amendment after hearing what an FBI counterterrorism expert had to say about jihad coming to America.

Dr. Sebastian Gorka joined Fox News’ Megyn Kelly on the “The Kelly File” Wednesday and made it clear that it’s up to Americans to protect themselves.

“Don’t wait for Uncle Sam to protect you,” Gorka said.

“Every American has a duty and responsibility to be aware of the threat and be prepared to protect themselves.”

According to Gorka, ISIS is among us. There were 82 ISIS suspects arrested in America in a 20 month period. Gorka also mentioned FBI director James Comey had warned there are up to 900 ISIS-related investigations in all 50 states.

Gorka believes the Paris attacks were just the beginning, and ISIS-related groups and sleeper cells are likely emboldened.

Gorka urged Americans to get firearms training and carry a weapon if their state or municipality allows them to do so. He also said civilians must be on alert at all times, watching for any suspicious activity.

“The jihad is real, the jihad is global, and they want to bring it to the shores of America,” Gorka said.


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