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‘We have no control’: Fla. Gov. Rick Scott desperately fights order to take Syrian refugees

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While the White House stands firm on bringing Syrian refugees to the United States, Florida Gov. Rick Scott is speaking out about his opposition to sending refugees to the Sunshine State.

Scott joins 33 other governors taking a stand against the White House position. On Tuesday, he sent a letter to House Speaker Paul Ryan and Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell.

“As the federal elected body that exercises oversight and authorizes federal spending, please take any action available through the powers of the United States Congress to prevent federal allocations toward the relocation of Syrian refugees without extensive examination into how this would affect our homeland security,” he wrote.

Scott appeared on “Fox and Friends” to explain his position on Wednesday.

“We have no control,” Scott said. “They’re not going to give us background information, they’re not going to tell us where, they’re not going to tell us who.”

Scott said he’s concerned about protecting the 20 million residents of Florida. Watch his remarks here.


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