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VIDEO: Muslim Turkish soccer fans BOO moment of silence for Paris victims, chant ‘Allahu Akbar’

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A moment of silence was held prior to Tuesday’s soccer match between Greece and Turkey, in honor of the victims of last week’s terrorist attack in Paris at the hands of Islamic extremists.

But one minute proved to be too much for some Turkish fans.

The unruly fans began openly booing and jeering during the moment of silence, and though it could not be heard in the video, some fans were allegedly chanting, “Allahu Akbar,” according to the Daily Mail.

Turkey manager Fatih Terim admonished those who took part in the reprehensible actions, the Mail reported.

“Our fans should have behaved during the national anthems and during the one minute silence,” Terim said. “Greece is our neighbor. Today is world neighbors day, but our fans didn’t behave like neighbors in this match.”

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The match was played at Basaksehir Fatih Terim Stadium in Istanbul, Turkey, which is a predominantly Muslim nation.

The actions in Turkey were in stark contrast to what was seen at a match between England and France, played in Wembley Stadium in England, where the entire stadium joined in to sing the French national anthem and waved the French flag.

Reuters correspondent Ece Toksabay noted the chanting of “Allahu Akbar” in a series of posts on social media. In her final post, Toksabay said she was being “bombarded with threats & insults.”

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