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VIDEO: Brother of Paris terror fugitive uses Fox News to send THIS message to his sibling

Image: Fox News

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The brother of the Paris terrorist who slipped away into Belgium spoke out to the media, asking him to “turn himself in” because he is “still presumed innocent.”

“We are a family. We are thinking of him,” Mohamed Abdeslam told Fox News “On The Record” host Greta Van Susteren Tuesday.

“We are wondering where he is.” Salah Abdeslam has been named by French authorities as the suspected “logistics coordinator” in Friday’s deadly attacks, which have left more than 120 killed and hundreds injured.

French authorities mistakenly let Salah cross the border into Belgium after the attacks.  According to his brother, Salah dressed in “normal clothes, jeans, a polo, a jacket. Nothing that would make you think he was a radical.”

“The best is for him to turn himself in so justice can shed complete light, because I am reminding you, Salah still hasn’t been questioned by police,” Mohamed said. “So he is still presumed innocent.”

Police are actively searching for Salah, and are conducting raids in Belgian neighborhoods in an international manhunt for who they say is a dangerous and armed man.

Watch the Fox News video below.

Steve Berman


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