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Video: Obama leaves EMPTY CHAIR during moment of silence for Paris, strolls in late

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As world leaders honored Paris‘ dead and wounded at the G20 conference at the seaside Turkish resort of Antalya, one place was noticeably empty.

Image: Youtube/Video-News

In an act that could be charitably described as a breach of decorum—or seen as an unforgivable slight to those who perished in Friday’s terror attacks, President Obama arrived late to the conference room for Monday’s session.

A video posted to Youtube shows the seat beside Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, reserved for the American president, was empty as Erdogan called the group to observe a moment of silence.

In the video, the placard to the right of the Turkish leader was clearly labeled “United States” in front of a very empty chair.  German Chancellor Angela Merkel was shown looking over her shoulder, as if to see where the missing Obama might be.

Image: Youtube/Video-News

As the group rose, the U.S. president could be seen walking to his seat from the right as the other leaders stood in silence.  Later in the video, Obama was shown standing next to Erdogan, behind his chair.

Despite being late to the session, later in the day Obama tried to spin the most heinous loss of civilian life in Paris since Hitler as a mere “setback” in the war against the Islamic State.

Watch the video of Obama strolling in late, below.

Steve Berman


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