Usually stoic Fox News host stunned after Obama’s G20 speech; seems president doesn’t ‘feel your pain’

bill-hemmerWe never saw Bill Hemmer angry — until Monday.

Normally nice guy Hemmer, co-Anchor of Fox News Channel’s “America’s Newsroom,” was uncharacteristically harsh in his assessment of President Barack Obama’s address at the G20 Summit in Turkey, as well as his responses at the Q-and-A session that followed.

Hemmer thought the president was insensitive over Friday’s attack in Paris by jihadists, which resulted in the deaths of at least 132 people, including a young American woman studying abroad, and perhaps even delusional over his own strategy in dealing with Islamic State militants.

Veteran newsman Hemmer did something else that was uncharacteristic for him — he interjected his own opinion, and it wasn’t favorable.

“If you were waiting to hear a U.S. president say, ‘I feel your pain’ or if you were waiting to hear a U.S. president say, ‘It’s them or us,’ that is not what you just heard,” Hemmer began.

“President Obama called the attacks in Paris a ‘setback’ at one point,” Hemmer observed.

“President Obama has made it quite clear in that Q-and-A that lasted more than 45 minutes that he has accepted there are evils in this world and evils in places like Paris, France, and this is something that we all must face today,” Hemmer said.

“It’s a reality in which the world we live. If you’re at home wondering with your own set of anger and your own set of fears about what can happen next, you are not alone, because that is precisely what you feel here in Paris, France. And if you were awaiting clarification on your feelings through that Q-and-A, you weren’t gonna get it. The President’s strategy as stated over the weekend continues as is.”

He then turned it over to Fox News Channel’s “Special Report” anchor Bret Baier, who was also taken aback by Obama’s remarks..

Watch the video.

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