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Russia CONFIRMS bomb brought down passenger plane, Putin vows REVENGE

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Russian President Vladimir Putin issued a stern warning to the Islamic State after Russian officials confirmed it was a bomb that brought down one of its passenger jets.

Russian Federal Security Service Director Director Alexander Bortnikov said Tuesday that the MetroJet Flight 9268, that crashed in Egypt on October 31, killing 224 people, was taken out by a homemade bomb on board.

Putin vowed to extract vengeance on the Islamists responsible.

“This is not the first time Russia experiences barbaric terrorist crime, usually without any obvious internal or external causes, the way it was with the explosion at the railway station in Volgograd at the end of 2013.” Putin told reporters, according to CNN. “We remember everything and everyone.”

“We have to do it without any period of limitation; we need to know all their names. We will search wherever they may be hiding. We will find them anywhere on the planet and punish them,” he said.

“Our military aviation in Syria should not just be continued but strengthened,” the Russian president said.

True to his word, Russia rained missiles on ISIS’ self-proclaimed capital of Raqqa, Syria, a U.S. defense official told CNN, Tuesday.

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