New Barbie doll ad features stereotyped ‘gay’ boy; has critics from ALL sides up in arms

Jeremy Scott
Moschino designer Jeremy Scott. Photo credit Vogue.

Add Mattel to the list of companies that are going politically correct with their advertising.

For the first time ever, a boy was featured in a commercial for a Barbie doll.

The ad promotes the new Moschino Barbie, in conjunction with the Italian fashion designer.

The spot was released earlier this month, and in it an effeminate looking boy looks at the camera and says, “Moschino Barbie is so fierce!”

The child is made to look like Moschino designer, Jeremy Scott, complete with blonde faux hawk.

“The thing I love about Barbie is that she is the ultimate muse,” Scott told People magazine, adding that Barbie inspired him to be a fashion designer.

The ad is part of a growing campaign to destroy gender roles and joined Hasbro, which now features boys in its Easy Bake Oven advertising.

Many on social media were not happy about the ad.

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