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Alec Baldwin throws fit over ‘fascist’ cops; makes him ‘sick to live in this f***ing country’

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Plenty of people encouraged Alec Baldwin to get packing after he bemoaned his disgust for America on Monday.

His latest Twitter rant attacked Alameda County deputies accused of using excessive force against a drug dealer.

The suspect led police on a 100 mph chase and rammed police cars, which injured a deputy.

The video shows the two deputies chasing the suspect, 28-year-old Stanislav Petrov, on foot, tackling him and using their batons to subdue him.

Alameda County Public Defender Brendon Woods has called for prosecutors to charge the unnamed deputies involved because he said the suspect had surrendered.

“The surveillance video footage is disgusting and reminds me of Rodney King,” Woods said in a statement.

“He appears to give up,” he added. “And then a deputy tackles him and another deputy starts beating him with a baton. The reaction is shock and horror.”

Regardless of anyone’s opinion of the video (which you can watch below,) Baldwin took the opportunity to  attack American police, saying the nation is “policed by a lot of sick, fascist bastards.”

Baldwin added that watching the video made him “sick to live in the f*****g country.”

He also said he hoped the Alameda would “cops have a federal lawsuit shoved so far up their fat white a**es they can’t see straight,” as he continued his rant.

Suddenly the same Alec Baldwin who has physically attacked paparazzi is disgusted by the use of force.


Classy as usual, Alec. Social media was ready to help the temperamental actor pack.

Watch the video in question, below.

Carmine Sabia


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