‘Keep ’em in Syria’; Trump proposes building ‘big, beautiful safe zone’ for refugees

Image: YouTube/Right Side Broadcasting

Billionaire Donald Trump claims to have a big heart and a big plan for dealing with Syrian refugees, proposing a “beautiful safe zone” to take care of them—back where they came from.

“They want to go back to their country,” Trump said, during a campaign speech Monday in Knoxville, Tenn.

Trump lambasted German Chancellor Angela Merkel for accepting a large number of migrants, calling it “a disgrace” and predicting dire consequences for Germany.

Then the GOP presidential candidate played with the idea that these refugees, mostly strong men, could be a Trojan horse.

“What we should have done, for a lot less money,” Trump said, “is, in Syria, take a big swatch of land, which, believe me, you can get for the right price.”

“Build a big, beautiful safe zone, where people can live,” he continued.  And, Trump explained, when “this horrible situation” is all over, they move back, “they rebuild their cities, and they start over.”

“You keep ’em in Syria,” he continued, “you build a tremendous safe zone, it’ll cost you tremendously much less, much less, and they’ll be there, and the weather’s the same.”

Of course, there’s the small matter of protecting, feeding, and housing millions of refugees in a war-torn country with no electricity, infrastructure, and constant threat of attack, but at least they would be home, and not here or in Europe.

Watch Trump’s speech below.  His remarks on Syria begin at the 49 minute mark.

Steve Berman


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