‘From Paris, With Love’ messages go out to ISIS . . . on Hellfire missiles

Writing graffiti on bombs has been popular since World War II and American missiles allegedly intended to be used to exact revenge on the Islamic State for Friday’s bloody attack in Paris are no exception.

Photos have surfaced on social media depicting Hellfire missles and JDAM bombs featuring the slogan: “From Paris, With Love.”

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According to The Sun, the ordnance is allegedly bound for ISIS strongholds in Syria and Iraq in response to Friday’s attacks, where jihadists killed 132 people — ISIS has claimed responsibility for the carnage.

The precise location of the bombs shown is unclear.



French President Francoise Hollande told his people the terrorist attack was “an act of war,” but Larry Mullen, the drummer for the rock band U2 had a different kind of love in mind when he posted a photo on social media with the same message, just hours before the attack.

U2 was in Paris the day of the attack for a pair of weekend concerts, which were ultimately canceled.

Tom Tillison


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