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Ben Carson pulls the ‘brain surgeon’ card: Our brains are designed to reject Syrian refugees

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Dr Ben CarsonRepublican presidential candidate and neurosurgeon Ben Carson said it’s time for America to use its brain and not let Syrian refugees in.

Carson appeared on “Fox News Sunday” and told host Chris Wallace said America should support resettling the Syrian refugees “over there” but to bring them to America would require a “suspension of intellect.”

“You know the reason that the human brain has these big frontal lobes, as opposed to other animals, because we can engage in rational thought processing,” he said.

“We can extract information from the past and present, process it and project it into a plan.

“Animals, on the other hand, have big brain stems and rudimentary things because they react. We don’t have to just react we can think,” he added.

Watch the video below. The relevant portion starts at the 5:40 mark.

Carmine Sabia


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