Video: Mourners clash with angry protesters demanding France ‘expel Islamists’

With early reports suggesting at least two of the jihadists involved in the terrorist attack in Paris were Syrian refugees, protesters took to the streets in the French city of Lille to demand that all Muslims be removed from the country.

But they were not well received by mourners participating in a march.

Part of the right-wing group French National Front, the protesters tried to take part in a vigil being held on Saturday for the victims of an attack that came at the hands of Islamic extremists, the Daily Express reported.


Carrying a banner that said “Expel Islamists,” the group reportedly began chanting for France to rid itself of Muslims as they tried to work their way through the crowd.

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But those attending the vigil were in no mood for a message seen as anti-Islamic, and police struggled to stay between the two sides.

“Get out Fascists,” the marchers shouted as they pushed the protesters back.

The march was held as a show of solidarity with Paris, but was in defiance of a ban on demonstrations put in place by the government for security reasons.

As France mourns the loss of at least 129 people, the greatest loss of life since World War II, additional video and photos of the confrontation could be seen on social media.

Here’s a sampling from Twitter:

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