‘SNL’ pushes on with humor, surprise appearance in ‘Adventures of Young Ben Carson’ – how did they do?

Faced with the difficult task of selling comedy the day after the horrific terrorist attack in Paris at the hands of Islamic extremists, “Saturday Night Live” pushed on with its focus on lampooning presidential candidates.

The highlight this week was Republican presidential contender Ben Carson.

The skit, “The Adventures of Young Ben Carson,” played on the narrative set by the retired neurosurgeon that he was an angry young man prone to occasional violent outbursts.

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Fortunately, Black Jesus appears at just the right time to remind young Ben that he needs to “act right” because someday he’ll save hundreds of lives.

He also agreed to be young Ben’s only friend and get his portrait painted with him.

Relying on actual events described by Carson, the skit also cleverly dropped in controversial remarks the candidate has made over the years.

While much of the effort was funny, it remains debatable how many in the world were laughing Saturday night.

Tom Tillison


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